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I'm a Lifestyle, Fashion, Apparel and Product Photographer. I have a fully equipped studio located in West Denver, and also shoot on location. Always looking for an excuse to travel for a shoot.

My Story

As a sailor, I traversed the high seas of the far east where I was bitten until bloody by a fuzzy animal a fraction of my size. I got very sick and then recovered after being blessed by a man in golden robes. I then voyaged to the middle east where I discovered red skies, and water on fire and was very confused. Returning home, still confused, I was robbed, and later taken in by a gaggle of street youths that demanded that I live in van by day, and make music by night. Sleepy, odorous, and desiring domestication, I learned how to use a camera, went to school, and got a job. Made photographs for CP+B, Microsoft, Infiniti, Domino’s, Hershey’s, and Kraft for many years, until one day I heard of a bird with two beaks across the sea, and decided that I must go. Once there, I had a confrontation with the local mafia, and was urinated on by a lesser ape. Later, out of harms way, and laying low in a hut by the sea, Dengue Fever set in and I was nursed back to health by kind women adorned in colorful cloth. Disillusioned, and having lost much weight, I returned home once again, where I still often wake up sweating, and mumbling about ‘flying snakes’.

Let's Chat!

I typically reply within 1-2 hours. Please provide your contact information, as well as a description of the shoot that you are needing. I look forward to hearing from you!